Race and Ethnicity

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Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence at UBC

Explore anti-racism and inclusive excellence at UBC, including UBC’s commitments, news and events, and access to resources and support.


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Task Force on Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence

The Task Force was created as part of the response to the institutional commitment to build a more inclusive university community.


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Life in a living lab

Adam Wei

As an eco-hydrologist, Adam Wei’s passion lies in sustainable management of forested watersheds, particularly interactions between forests, water and aquatic habitat.

“If we have a problem with forests, we’ll have a problem with water, such as droughts or floods, which will ultimately affect fish habitat. We are linked by water quality and quantity. There are many processes, and if one fails, we will see an impact in the other. Understanding these connections allows us to manage the future of forests and water resources.”

Adam Wei, Professor, EEGS

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