Undergraduate Student Communications

Important emails sent to Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science Students

2022/2023 Winter SESSION

Sent to all IKB Faculty of Science BSC and BSUS students registered in Term 1 courses.Hello,

We hope that term 1 is progressing smoothly for all of our students.

Please consider carefully and honestly how you are managing your courses this term.

You may wish to consult with your instructors, a learning specialist in the Student Learning Hub, an Academic & Career Advisor, Global Engagement Office Advisors, Indigenous Program Advisors, and/or a health practitioner to determine whether you need to make changes to your term 1 registration or to get help in completing your courses successfully.

The last day to self-withdraw from Term 1 courses with a W standing is Friday, November 18, 2022, at 11:59 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time; local Kelowna time). After this date/time, you will not be able to self-withdraw from your courses in your SSC and must seek approval from the Dean’s office.

Please note: for full-year courses (Terms 1 and 2) the self-withdrawal is December 2, 2022, at 11:59 pm PST.

For any courses you may be taking through or at UBC’s Vancouver campus, please be aware that the self-withdrawal dates for Vancouver courses may be different and not determined by UBC Okanagan.

Withdrawal after November 18, 2022:

The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science (FoS) does not normally approve withdrawal from courses after the Withdrawal deadline unless there are exceptional circumstances.  UBCO FoS students who need to withdraw from ANY of their Term 1 courses after the self-withdrawal date are required to submit a  completed Late Withdrawal form to the Dean’s Office. All requests must be accompanied by supporting documentation. Requests must be submitted as close to the date when class attendance was adversely affected, and before the end of term (Thursday, December 22, 2022). The Late Withdrawal is not a mechanism for students to avoid a failing grade in a course or courses that they attempted to complete.

Campus resources

If you require academic assistance or other forms of support for the remainder of the term, please consider the following resources:

The Student Learning Hub
If you need help with time management, study skills, or any other Academic supports we strongly recommend students make use of the Student Learning Hub, a resource for free math, science, writing, and language learning support. For more information, please visit the Hub’s website, learn more about Study Skills support, or email learning.hub@ubc.ca.

Academic & Career Advising
Academic Advising has a new system for virtual drop-in appointments: Request a drop-in appointment here by selecting “Join the virtual line” or to schedule an appointment with an Advisor.

Student Wellness
As always, if you feel you need some extra personal support, you can explore resources provided by Student Wellness. You can make an appointment to talk with a counsellor by emailing: healthwellness.okanagan@ubc.ca

Additional Well-being Support
UBC also provides students with access to Aspiria, the UBC Student Assistance Program (SAP) that provides 24/7 multilingual professional mental health counselling and coaching to all UBC students located anywhere in the world.

Your student id code is: ubcoc
Your password code is: ubcoc

There are several ways students can access counselling, coaching or any of their other Aspiria services, such as groups and student life services.

  • You can click on “LIVE CONNECT ONLINE” button on the top right corner of the webpage.
  • You can also scroll down and click on “Contact a counsellor” (on the right, middle of the page) to request for a counsellor to contact you directly.
  • If outside of North America, you can reverse charges and call collect when asking the operator to connect you to their number at 604-757-9734.
  • If calling from within North America, the toll-free number is 1-833-590-1328.

All Aspiria services are free and confidential, and they operate 24/7. Some services are multilingual, and you can indicate your preference re: face-to-face session, by phone or by video (online) when requesting counselling and/or coaching.

We know this term has been challenging for a number of our students and students in our courses. The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science Dean’s Office will support you as best we can, or we will try to connect you with those who can help.

Our best wishes to you,

Dr. Scott Reid
FoS Associate Dean – Students

Jennifer Janok
FoS Student Support Assistant

Sent to BSC, and BSUS students on behalf of the following Faculty Dean’s Offices:

IKB Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)
Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (FCCS)
IKB Faculty of Science (FOS)

Academic Scheduling has now released the 2022W T1 Final Exam schedule.

Final Examination Schedule:

All times are Pacific Standard Time (local Kelowna time).

ACADEMIC CONCESSIONS FOR FINAL EXAMINATIONS: Out-of-Time Final Exams and Standing Deferred Requests

The Dean’s offices (FASS, FCCS, and FOS) will not normally accept untimely submissions of academic concession requests regarding final examinations. Initiating a request for an academic concession does not ensure that the concession will be approved.

Requests for Out-of-Time Final Exams must be made as soon as possible, and before the end of the final exams. Out of time exams must be written during the Final Exam period (on or before December 22, 2022) if approved. The request form is submitted to the Dean’s Office that is offering the course (see the list below).

Requests for Standing Deferred must be made as soon as possible to the time that class attendance is adversely affected. The request for a Standing Deferred, no matter the course subject, is submitted to your home Faculty’s Dean’s Office who will process the request and if approved, set the completion date which can be after the Final Examination period.

All concession requests require appropriate supporting documentation, unless the accommodation request is for a religious observance or for the cultural observances of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Students. Normally, when medical documentation is provided to support an academic concession request, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Original document required (no photocopies, scans, or photos taken by your cell phone).
  • Signature of the medical professional must be in ink; digital signatures are not accepted unless stamped in ink by the clinic.
  • FCCS, FASS and FOS will accept medical notes and supporting documents if they are faxed directly from the practitioner’s office to the secure fax machine in the Dean’s office (FASS / FOS 250-807-8001) (FCCS 250-807-8543). Please see list of Course Codes below to identify which Faculty your course is in. The fax must include a cover page from the practitioner’s office, the student name in full (e.g. see the contact information required on the individual concession request forms), and the document must be dated.

Course Codes:

Irving K Barber Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FASS): https://fass.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/undergrad/student-forms/

  • Programs: BA*, BNLF

Faculty of Creative & Critical Studies (FCCS): https://fccs.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/forms/

  • Programs: BA*, BFA, BMS

Irving K Barber Faculty of Science (FoS): https://science.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/undergrad/student-forms/

  • Programs: BSc, B.Sust

*some Course Codes and Programs are shared between Departments and Faculties. For shared course codes, the responsible Faculty is dependent on the course instructors home Department and the Faculty to which the Department belongs.

Courses offered by other Faculties may have different Academic concession procedures regarding missed final exams. Please consult their Faculty pages for more information.


1) Do not make travel plans or let others make travel plans on your behalf until you have consulted the schedule and identified when your exams are.  We will NOT consider out-of-time exam or Standing Deferred requests based on travel plans.

2) Students are expected to write their final exams at the time scheduled to avoid hardships and clashes. In-person exams must be written in-person and on campus as online alternatives will not be provided. If an alternative time and date for a final exam has been requested and approved, the delayed or deferred exam will be delivered in the same format or mode as the originally scheduled final examination.

3) If you have been informed that you have an examination hardship or clash, or believe that you are in such a situation, contact the appropriate Associate Dean in your Home Faculty.

4) The final examination period can be a busy and stressful time for students, especially for those experiencing university final examinations for the first time.  Preparation in advance of your exams and time management during your exams can have a positive impact on your academic performance.  The Student Learning Hub can assist you in preparing for your exams and for improving your overall study habits.  If you require support for your overall well-being prior to and during the final examination period, contact Student Wellness.

5) Finally, if you submit a request or contact the “wrong” Dean’s office or Associate Dean, we, the Associate Deans of FoS, FASS and FCCS and others, will make sure that your request is directed to the most appropriate person/office and that we will all support you to the best of our ability and in compliance with the Academic Calendar for the Okanagan campus.


Please be aware of Course Withdrawal deadlines: http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/okanagan/index.cfm?go=deadlines.

Friday November 18, 2022, before 11:59pm, is the last day a student can withdraw from a course.  A “W” will appear on the academic record and with no tuition readjustment or refund.

– If you are taking a 2-semester course, please consult this calendar link for withdrawal dates.

Good Luck with your term!

Dr. Scott D. Reid
Associate Dean, Students
Faculty of Science

Jennifer Janok
Faculty of Science – Student Support

Student Representatives to the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science Faculty Council.

The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science (FoS) at UBC’s Okanagan campus values student input on matters that pertain to and effect student education and success on our campus. The Faculty is calling for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in serving on its Faculty Council. Student members have full participation and voting privileges and serve a one-year term with a possibility of renewal. Selected student members are expected to begin their term prior to the October 28, 2022 meeting of Faculty Council.

About the Faculty Council:

The Faculty Council is the governance body responsible for the direction of the affairs and business of the Faculty. The Council meets once per Winter Term and is tasked with establishing and revising policies, practices, and the general direction for the teaching and research activities of the Faculty, and for making recommendations to the Okanagan Senate, or others as appropriate.

For 2022W, student members of the FoS Faculty Council are sought from the following categories:

  • One (1) representatives from the undergraduate student body with Year 1 or Year 2 Standing and
  • One (1) graduate student registered in a Masters program (eg. MSc, MDS) offered by member department of FoS.

Student Membership Eligibility:

Potential student members of the FoS Faculty Council must be a currently registered undergraduate student or graduate student in the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science at UBC’s Okanagan campus, in Good Standing and a commitment to academic integrity.

Expression of Interest:

Students are asked to submit their Expression of Interest in becoming a student member of Faculty Council to the office of the Associate Dean – Students (fos.students.ubco@ubc.ca) for consideration no later than September 26, 2022 at 3 pm local Kelowna time.

The Expression of Interest should include your name, student number, program (BSc, BSUS, MSc), major, a description of who you are and why you are interested in representing students on FoS Faculty Council and finally, how you would engage with the students that you are expected to represent.

The Faculty will notify students selected for membership on the Faculty Council no later than Tuesday, October 7, 2022.


Dr. Scott D. Reid  B.Sc. Ph.D.
Associate Dean – Students
Associate Professor in Biology
Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science | ASC 403
The University of British Columbia | Okanagan Campus | Syilx Okanagan Nation
3187 University Way | Kelowna British Columb

TO: All students taking courses in Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science
FROM: Dr. Scott Reid, Associate Dean – Students

To all students new to UBC’s Okanagan Campus – welcome!
To all students returning to UBC’s Okanagan Campus – welcome back!

You are receiving this email because you are registered in at least one course that is offered by the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science.

To keep you on track this year, we want to share some helpful information as a reminder for all students taking courses in our Faculty.

  1. Check your email daily, including your SPAM/JUNK folder. Please read any email from UBC carefully, and act on requests immediately. The University will not accept the excuse that the student did not read the email, or misunderstood the information provided. If you are uncertain, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
  2. Whenever you email a member of the UBC community, please include your student number. If you are writing about a specific course, please provide all details (e.g. course name and number, course instructor).
  3. Please read the Student Declaration and Responsibility, which you agreed to when you registered for classes at UBC: http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/okanagan/index.cfm?tree=3,293,861,0.You should also review your rights as a member of the UBC Communityhttp://www.calendar.ubc.ca/okanagan/index.cfm?tree=3,293,875,0.
  4. Please be aware of Course Withdrawal deadlines: http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/okanagan/index.cfm?go=deadlines For Term 1 Courses Monday, September 19, 2022 @ 11:59pm PDT     Last day to withdraw without a W on your record (full tuition refund) Friday, November 18, 2022 @ 11:59pm PST       Last day to withdraw with a W on your record (no tuition refund)If you are taking a 2-semester course, please consult this calendar link for withdrawal dates. If you wish to withdraw from a Term 1 class after November 18, 2022 you must request a Late Withdrawal from the Dean’s Office. Note: the fact that a student is failing a course is not an adequate reason for a Late Withdrawal. All requests must be accompanied by acceptable supporting documentation.
  5. Do not make end of term travel plans, or let others make travel plans on your behalf, until the final examination schedule is released. We will not schedule out-of-time exams or approve deferral of final exams based on travel plans. Academic Scheduling tries to get the exam schedule published as soon as possible and should be released no later than October 7, 2022.
  6. Please review the policy on Academic Misconduct: http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/Okanagan/index.cfm?tree=3,54,111,958.Review carefully all instructions provided by your instructors about assignments and exams; if you are uncertain about anything, check with your instructor.
  7. Academic Concessions
    In-Term Academic Concessions: Students who are absent during the term or who are unable to complete tests or other graded work should normally discuss their absence with their course instructor and how they might make up for missed work in accordance with the information provided in the course syllabus or outlineLate Withdrawal, Standing Deferred and Aegrotat:  Requests for these academic concessions must be approved by the appropriate Dean’s Office of your home Faculty and submitted to their office as close as possible to the time that the class attendance is adversely affected. In the case of requests for Standing Deferred or Aegrotat, requests must be made as soon as possible, and before the end of final exams. The Faculty of Science Dean’s Office will not normally accept untimely submissions for Academic Concession or appeals to a decision. Initiating a request for an academic concession does not ensure that the concession will be approved.Home Faculties and their student resource or forms page:BSC and BSUS students: https://science.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/undergrad/student-forms/
    BA student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: https://fass.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/undergrad/student-forms/
    BA, BFA, BMS students in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies: https://fccs.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/forms/
    BMGT students: https://management.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/undergraduate-resources-3/
    BASC students: https://engineering.ok.ubc.ca/about/forms/
    HES students: https://hes.ok.ubc.ca/undergraduate/undergraduate-resources/student-forms/
    BSN students: https://nursing.ok.ubc.ca/undergraduate/student-resources/Out of Time Final Examinations (OOT): If you are unable to write a final examination in a course offered by the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science on the scheduled date/time, but are able to complete it during the final examination period, submit an OOT request form and supporting documentation to the Dean’s Office; review the policy and follow the instructions on the form.Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science: https://science.ok.ubc.ca/student-resources/undergrad/student-forms/Course Codes: ASTR, BIOC, BIOL, CHEM, COSC, DATA, EESC, GISC, MATH, PHYS, STAT, SUSTGeneral Academic Concession requirements:
    Courses offered by other Faculties may have different Academic Concession procedures.  Please consult their Faculty pages for more information.Note: all requests must be submitted as close as possible to the date of the incident, and normally within the term that the course was taken. If you have questions on which request is appropriate for your situation, contact an Academic Advisor or the Dean’s office.All academic concession requests that require the approval of the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science Dean’s Office require appropriate supporting documentation. Normally, when medical documentation is provided to support an academic concession request, it must meet the following requirements:•  Original document required (no photocopies, scans, or photos taken by your cell phone).•  Signature of the medical professional must be in ink; digital signatures are not accepted unless stamped in ink
    by the clinic. For those student not in Kelowna, we will accept medical notes and supporting documents if they
    are faxed directly from the practitioner’s office to the secure fax machine in the Dean’s office (250-807-8001)
    The fax must include a cover page from the practitioner’s office, and the student name in full (e.g. see the
    contact information required on the individual concession request forms).

    The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science will no longer be accepting hard copies of forms (paper). All forms must be emailed to fos.students.ubco@ubc.ca for processing.

  8. Expectations and advice:
    Teaching and learning in the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science during the 2022/2023 academic year will be predominantly in-person, with a select few courses offered online or in a hybrid mode of delivery (“mixed mode”). You should receive a copy of a syllabus or course outline for all of your Term 1 courses.  A syllabus should contain all of the information about how the course is to be delivered, how you are to be evaluated and when and any other information about course expectations and/or learning resources available to support your learning and understanding in that course. For example, the lectures for a course could be delivered online but the assessments (midterms and final exam) will likely be in-person with you expected to be in Kelowna and on campus.  It is critical that you take the time to read and understand each course syllabus. If you have any concerns or questions about a course based on the syllabus, contact your course instructor immediately.  If your concerns or questions make you consider withdrawing from the course, make sure you do so before the end of the second week of classes, on or before the Add/Drop date of September 19, 2022 to have your course tuition refunded.  Withdrawing after September 19, 2022 will result in a “W” on your academic record and you will be responsible for a portion of the course tuition.Please be aware that the university will operate during normal working hours in Kelowna, BC (PDT/PST). Some courses may have online lectures. However, some activities, such as final exams, are scheduled and must be taken at the scheduled time in Kelowna, BC. Instructors are not obligated to assist you in catching up on your studies if you arrive on campus after the start of courses.  Please review your course syllabi carefully. If you feel unable to participate in any course for any reason, please withdraw from those courses by the Add/Drop deadline on or before September 19, 2022Instructors are not obligated to provide students with an academic concession if they do not have the minimum technology needs to complete their course

Ask for help! 

Here are some links to helpful student services:

Emergency Funding
One-time emergency funding to help cover a shortfall due to an unexpected emergency situation when no other financial options are available.  Additional information is provided here:https://students.ok.ubc.ca/courses-money-enrolment/finances/financial-support/emergency-funding/.  To apply, contact Student Records & Financial Services.

UBC Okanagan Disability Resource Centre
The Disability Resource Centre determines academic accommodations and supports disabled students or those with chronic medical conditions.  If you are a student with a disability or a chronic medical condition and require academic accommodations to participate equitably in your course, program, or other UBC related activities please, contact the DRC at 250-807-8053 or drc.questions@ubc.ca.
Web: www.students.ok.ubc.ca/drc

UBC Okanagan Equity and Inclusion Office
Through leadership, vision, and collaborative action, the Equity & Inclusion Office (EIO) develops action strategies in support of efforts to embed equity and inclusion in the daily operations across the campus. The EIO provides education and training from cultivating respectful, inclusive spaces and communities to understanding unconscious/implicit bias and its operation within in campus environments. UBC Policy 3 prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of BC’s Human Rights Code. If you require assistance related to an issue of equity, educational programs, discrimination or harassment please contact the EIO.
UNC 216        250.807.9291
email: equity.ubco@ubc.ca
Web: www.equity.ok.ubc.ca

Student Wellness
At UBC Okanagan health services to students are provided by Health and Wellness.  Nurses, physicians and counsellors provide health care and counselling related to physical health, emotional/mental health and sexual/reproductive health concerns. As well, health promotion, education and research activities are provided to the campus community.  If you require assistance with your health, please contact Health and Wellness for more information or to book an appointment.
UNC 337        250.807.9270
email: healthwellness.okanagan@ubc.ca
Web: www.students.ok.ubc.ca/health-wellness

Student Learning Hub
The Student Learning Hub is your go-to resource for free learning support—now online and flexible to meet your remote learning needs! The Hub welcomes undergraduate students from all disciplines and years to access a range of supports that include tutoring in math, sciences, languages, and writing, as well as dedicated learning support to help you develop skills and strategies for academic success. Don’t wait—successful learners access support early and often. For more information, visit students.ok.ubc.ca/hub or contact learning.hub@ubc.ca.

Additional information about online learning can be found at: learningcommons.ubc.ca
Need some assistance with registration? Contact an Academic Advisor.
Need help declaring your major? Contact an Academic Advisor.
Courses and programs offered in IK Barber FoS: https://science.ok.ubc.ca/programs/
Indigenous Programs and Services:  https://students.ok.ubc.ca/indigenous-students/
Global Engagement Office: https://students.ok.ubc.ca/global-engagement-office/

We want you to succeed! Please use the many resources available to you on our campus.

If you have any questions, you can send us an email anytime!

Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science:
Location: ASC 413

Email: fos.students.ubco@ubc.ca
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fos_ubco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fos.ubco
Website: https://science.ok.ubc.ca/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fos.ubco

Our very best wishes to you for a successful academic year!

Dr. Scott D. Reid, PhD
Associate Dean – Students
Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science


Ms. Jennifer Janok
Student Support Assistant to the Associate Dean – Students
Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science

** Sent to all new to UBC BSC-O and BSUS-O international students**

Please read this email carefully. It contains embedded links pointing to important and helpful information.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science survey last week. The results indicate that most international students starting in the Faculty of Science this year have an approved study permit. To students who have a study permit – we look forward to meeting you at the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science Orientation Event
on Tuesday September 6, 2022.

This email provides important information for students without a study permit. Please do not travel to Canada before you receive your “Letter of Introduction” from IRCC. It’s important to wait until you have all your documents before coming to Canada.

You will have received an email from UBC’s Undergraduate Admissions office pointing you to a blog post about what to do if you don’t have study permit yet. That blog will continue to be updated as more information becomes available, so it’s a good idea to check it regularly.

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) provides important non-academic information for international students at the Okanagan Campus. Please review the FAQ’s on this page.

If you wish to defer your admission to UBC until September 2023, please complete the request form and submit it to UBC as soon as possible; the university will consider these requests on a one-by-one basis.

If you are enrolled in online or hybrid courses during Term 1, please review the section comments in the course schedule carefully; many courses with online lectures require in-person attendance to mid-term and final exams, and students must attend these in person, no exceptions. Carefully consider time-zone differences since many online courses are taught at a specific time in Kelowna. Please note:  A study permit application is not a guarantee that you will receive a final study permit approval.  Even if you begin your studies online this semester, you will require a study permit in the future to complete your studies in Canada.

Most courses in the Faculty of Science require in-person attendance. Instructors cannot and are not expected to provide online lectures. If you are unable to attend in-person lectures in the first week of classes, we strongly encourage you to withdraw from courses in Term 1. Instructors cannot accommodate students who miss lectures and labs at the start of term. If you miss more than a week of classes, it is very difficult to catch up. The last day to withdraw from Term 1 courses and pay no tuition is Monday September 19, 2022 before 11:59 pm PDT (local Kelowna time). We strongly urge you to withdraw well before that date.

If you withdraw from all Term 1 courses, you can still remain registered in your Term 2 courses; however, if those Term 2 courses require completion of Term 1 courses (e.g. BIOL 125 requires BIOL 116; COSC 121 requires COSC 111; MATH 101 requires MATH 100), then you will be dropped from those Term 2 courses later this term (because you will not have completed the pre-requisite). To assist you, our plan is to offer some of the Term 1 courses in Term 2, but to do so, we need better information from you. When you withdraw from your Term 1 courses, please inform us by sending an email that includes your name and student number with the Subject Line: Visa delayed – Term 1 Withdrawal.

Consider staying in Kelowna during summer 2023 when we will offer many important degree-required first-year courses. In combination with courses you take in Term 2, this would allow you to achieve year 2 status in September 2023.

We will contact all students who delay their start date to January in a few weeks and let you know how we can support you in January.

We are as disappointed as you are about the delays you are experiencing, and we will do our best to assist you once you do arrive.

All the best.

Dr. Scott D. Reid  B.Sc. Ph.D.
Associate Dean – Students
Associate Professor in Biology
Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science | ASC 403
The University of British Columbia | Okanagan Campus | Syilx Okanagan Nation
3187 University Way | Kelowna British Columbia | V1V 1V7 Canada
Phone 250 807 8761          Fax 250 807-8001