Dean’s Office


Gino DiLabio
Professor – Chemistry, Management
ASC 401


Charlene Wehrmann
Assistant to the Dean
ASC 405


Heather Munn
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
ASC 413


Associate Dean Portfolios

Associate Dean, Faculty and Research

Lael Parrott
Biology & Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences
ASC 451

Portfolio: Provides leadership and oversight for the Faculty’s research, scholarly activities, and collaborative initiatives and partnerships. The portfolio is also responsible for the development, implementation, and sustenance of a multi-year strategic personnel plan that promotes proactive recruitment, retention, career advancement, recognition, and ongoing success of an excellent and diverse community of colleagues. Responsibilities include, among others:

  • designing, reviewing, and implementing a Faculty research plan;
  • providing leadership in developing Faculty hiring strategies for programs and departments;
  • proving leadership and support for research initiatives that promote Indigenous inclusion and the values of respect, relationship, responsibility and reverence as outlined in the UBC 2020 Indigenous Strategic Plan
  • support and cultivate a Faculty research culture based on principles of equity, diversity and inclusion

T. Don Nguyen
Manager, Research & Strategic Initiatives
ASC 455

Jody Ainley 
Assistant, Strategic Personnel Planning and Development
ASC 455

Tiffany Gross
Faculty and Research Administrative Assistant
ASC 406

Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Training

Andrew Jirasek
ASC 354

Portfolio: Provides administrative and academic, leadership, management, and support for research-based graduate students and postdoctoral trainees. Promotes community, affinity, and supportive peer networks to continue to advance programs and activities within the faculty. Responsibilities include, among others:

Graduate Students

  • Facilitates recruitment, admission, registration, and advising of high-quality graduate students;
  • Meets and provides guidance and support for student leaders representing the various program graduate student societies;
  • Works with the curriculum committee, departments, faculty and the College of Graduate Studies on Interdisciplinary and
  • Disciplinary Programs and opportunities;
  • Provides oversight for graduate student awards and support for student scholarship applications.

Postdoctoral Trainees:

  • Provides leadership and oversight for the development and implementation of policies and guidelines for supporting postdoctoral trainees;
  • Develops, sustains and supports a culture of postdoctoral training across the faculty;
  • Represents the faculty on committees and liaises with UBC Okanagan’s Postdoctoral Association;
  • Provides support for nomination packages for externally-funded postdoctoral opportunities.
Lindsay Odne

Lindsay Odne
Manager, Graduate & Postdoctoral Training
ASC 431


Scott Reid
Associate Professor
ASC 403

Portfolio: Provides leadership for the development, implementation and sustenance of a strategic and holistic framework that ensures success for our undergraduate students throughout their life-cycle – from prospective students to graduates – through, among others:

  • coordinated undergraduate enrolment planning and management;
  • effective and efficient recruitment activities;
  • facilitation of admission and registration of high-quality students;
  • provision of excellent educational experiences, both curricular and extra-curricular;
  • promotion of community, affinity, and supportive peer networks;
  • Facilitating access to relevant services, including academic and non-academic advising and support.
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Sarah Furgason
Student Support Assistant
ASC 431

Associate Dean, Academic and Awards

Trudy Kavanagh
Associate Professor of Teaching
Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences
ASC 448

Portfolio: Provides leadership for the development, implementation, and sustenance of a strategic approach to teaching, learning, and curriculum that is of the highest quality, pedagogically sound, fiscally prudent, socially responsive and adaptive; and facilitates the realization of competencies and outcomes that reflect our core mission and values through, among others:

  • facilitation of curriculum innovation and renewal within the Faculty, of cross-Faculty and cross-institutional collaborative programs, and of related consultation, approval, and implementation processes;
  • ongoing monitoring of curriculum effectiveness;
  • formal, regularly-scheduled self-studies and external reviews of academic programs;
  • promotion of effective and efficient experiential and co-curricular learning programs;
  • support for, and enhancement of, innovative teaching and learning initiatives;
  • promotion of a culture of recognition for innovative curricula and pedagogical accomplishments.
  • coordinating undergraduate awards and recognitions that are not related to research.

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Megan Lochhead
Curriculum & Academic Programs Manager
ASC 406

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Jasmine Haley
Curriculum & Academic Programs Coordinator
ASC 406

Ashley Cinnamon
Curriculum & Awards Assistant
ASC 406


June Hansen

June Hansen
Manager, Administration and Operations
ASC 447

Lindsay Howe
Acting Communications Manager
Communications and Engagement Strategist
LM4 654

Jacqueline Varga
Acting Communications and Events Coordinator
LM4 653


Pieter Uni

Pieter Uni (On Leave)
Communications Manager
LM4 655


Marissa Liebel (On Leave)
Communications and Events Coordinator
LM4 653


Meghan Reid (On Leave)
Web and Digital Media Strategist
LM4 653


Katelyn Singler (On Leave)
Finance Manager
ASC 431

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Gabriel Gock
Finance Assistant
ASC 454