General Science

Bachelor of Science

This program provides a comprehensive undergraduate science education with the opportunity for concentration in two or three of the following eight subject areas: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences (including certain courses in Geography), Economics, Mathematical Sciences (including courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Data Science), Physics and Psychology.

The General Science BSc degree is appropriate for students planning to continue study in professional areas such as post-secondary education, business administration, dentistry, law, medicine, or veterinary medicine. In particular, this program provides excellent preparation for prospective secondary school teachers.

It is not generally intended for students planning to continue to graduate studies in science; however, with careful planning and high academic achievement, it is possible to enter a science graduate program, although additional qualifying studies may be required at some universities. To qualify for the General Science BSc degree, students must meet all of the graduation requirements and the requirements for first and second year. To satisfy the requirement of at least 36 credits from Science courses numbered 300 and above, students must select one of two options within the General Science degree program.

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